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    An authentic a la carte restaurant, offering delicious Middle Eastern cuisine with the touch of the great chef Johnny Goric.

    The restaurant's expertise is combining the Mediterranean kitchen (Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, Greek and Spanish), with innovative techniques and molecular cuisine.

    Each and every dish on the menu is a feast for all the senses. Among the unique house specialties :

    LAMB DOLMA- Rack of lamb massaged with green herbs

    IL BASHA W ASAKRO- Dumplings of Kubbe & shushbarak served in yogurt warm sauce infused with green mint olive oil 

    MIX GRILL- A trio of lamb cutlet, grilled chicken skewers & beef kebab served with Green tahini sauce and steak potatoes

    The magical atmosphere of the restaurant is based not only on fine food, but also on its unique interior decorating. Each chair, plate and napkin were carefully chosen to give diners a perfect culinary experience.

    Chef Johnny Goric grew up in Jerusalem and studied all around the world. During his career, Goric cooked for famous world  leaders such as Bill Clinton,  George Bush, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, and more.

    The restaurant is not kosher.

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